What we do

Since 1982 our company has collected and recycledmetals and since 1990 it has specifically dealt in electronic devices.
June 1999 all the residual working Since 30 products have been considered and have to be processed as waste: registers of loading and unloading waste, forms.
The materials we collect are usually taped residual products coming from the automatic insertion of electronic devices, rheophore shavings, tin slag,
SMD welding pastes, printed circuit boards and obsolete electronic devices.
Material quotations are costed according to the metal output.
So far we have worked with total respect for environment and we have started a system to collect and recycle plastic reels for SMD components that we are going to explain.
These reels are made of recycable plastic to make their recycling easier; now, in the best case, You can dispose of them as waste at a very high cost for disposal and transport, considering that they are bulky and very light.
We offer our service all over Italy, collection and transport are free of any charge and containers are given on free loan for use.
Our staff is able to fill in the forms for transport and we can also register loading and unloading movements. Our transport trucks are all registered and they fulfill all the legal requirements.
Our company has taken an agreement with Ravago, an international company who works all over the world to recycle plastic. The materials we collect are worked in modern and high technological plants that give a new life to plastic waste making them a raw material suitable for several industrial and civil uses.
If You start in Your company the collection of reels it is cheap and it shows respect for environment because it reduces waste quantity that every year is disposed of at dumps.
Moreover we collect and recycle:

For further info here a list of the treated waste.
“When the last tree will be cut down, the last river polluted and the last fish caught, You will realize You cannot eat Your money”.