2C ECOLOGIA IN ELETTRONICA srl is wellaware that a well-planned strategy focused on environmental and health and security problems coming from its own work is important for its success and the success of its customers.
2C ECOLOGIA IN ELETTRONICA srl recognizes moreover that a constant improvement of its performances in respect for environment, health and safety at workplace brings to important commercial and economic advantages and satisfies the expectations of territorial context where the company works. So the management team has decided to adopt a management system focused on environment and safety that guarantees in a regular and documented way the correct management of environmental, health and safety aspects concerning its own activity and for this purpose our company undertakes:

  • to guarantee that its own work is carried out in accordance with national and regional laws in force and with any contractual condition about environment and safety signed by the company;
  • to carry out and maintain an effective integrated management system according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and the OHSAS 18001 one;
  • to be fully available for a dialogue with public authorities, local communities, associations and customers about environmental, health and safety matters;
  • to reduce, when it’s possible and economically viable, any negative environmental impact caused by its work;
  • to safeguard health and safety of employees and people in general working in the company;
  • to pursue a constant improvement of its performance in respect for environment, health and safety at workplace;
  • to guarantee environmental conservation as regards production process by taking some organizing, production and technological measures to prevent water, air and ground pollution;
  • to promote as much as possible the waste recycling;
  • to settle coherent and achievable goals and aims in favor of environment and safety;
  • to make sure the policy here explained and the concerning management system are understood, carried out and kept at all the organization levels and the system is supported by a periodic and regular training activity;
  • to involve all the staff, informing them of the impacts of their concerning work on environment and safety;

This integrated policy on environment and safety applies to all organization levels of 2C ECOLOGIA IN ELETTRONICA srl and all the staff have been informed about it; moreover everyone can be informed about it by reading the concerning placard in the company.
This policy is subject to a periodical review in order to keep the Integrated Management System valid and effective against internal or external organization changes or to assure an endless improvement.

The management hopes to get the best from all the staff to achieve the settled goals.

The General Management