Treated waste

Our company deals with several kinds of waste and materials. We can collect, transport, store and recycle all the kinds of waste here below.

Switching and linear drivers
Electro medical equipment and medical devices
ICT equipment
Low voltage and high voltage electrical boxes
Electric cables
Conditioning plants
Power stations and plants
Fixed and wireless telephone base stations
Industrial thermal stations
Data processing centers
Electrical and electronic components
Personal Computers, hardware and software with concerning peripherals (printer, mouse, keyboard)
Vending machines
Leftover stocks
Uninterruptible power sources (UPS)
Industrial electric engines
Ceiling lights, spotlights and enlightening devices in general
Plastic reels for SMD components
Electric control panels
Professional phone repeaters and transmitter stations for mobile phones
Bulky ferrous and NON-ferrous scraps, residual working products
Electronic boards in general
Tin slag
Professional and industrial equipment and devices
Monitoring and control equipment and devices
Air handling units (AHU) and similar devices

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